From Bar to Nationwide Empire: The Inspiring Story of Jenny Nguyen and The Sports Bra

Women’s Sports Bar, The Sports Bra, Set to Expand Through Franchising

From Bar to Nationwide Empire: The Inspiring Story of Jenny Nguyen and The Sports Bra

In 2022, Jenny Nguyen took a bold step and invested her life savings to open The Sports Bra, a unique sports bar in Portland, Oregon. The bar quickly gained popularity and success, becoming the first of its kind in the area. Recently, The Sports Bra received a significant investment from Alexis Ohanian, a co-founder of Reddit and part owner of Angel City Football Club in the NWSL, through his 776 Foundation.

With this investment, The Sports Bra plans to franchise and expand to other locations across the country. This expansion will allow more individuals to experience the supportive and inclusive environment that The Sports Bra has become known for. Nguyen’s vision for the bar was inspired by a desire to provide a space where young girls and women could see themselves represented in sports.

The success of The Sports Bra is a testament to the importance of creating spaces that empower women in sports and advocate for gender equality in athletics. As more people become interested in women’s sports programs, it is crucial to have establishments like The Sports Bra that celebrate and promote them. This initiative comes at an opportune time as record-breaking viewership was seen during the NCAA women’s basketball national championship game. With this expansion plan, more individuals will have access to such environments where women’s sports are prioritized.

Nguyen hopes that by expanding The Bra to other cities, more people will be able to benefit from its mission of supporting women’s sports programs. She believes that these spaces can help create positive change by empowering young girls and women through representation and inclusion.

In conclusion, Jenny Nguyen’s dream of opening a unique sports bar dedicated to women’s sports has come true with the success of The Sports Bra in Portland, Oregon. With Alexis Ohanian’s recent investment, this vision is set to expand beyond its current location with franchises across the country. As more people become interested in supporting women’s sports programs

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