Exploring the Limits of Innovation in Canada’s Plant Breeding Industry

Calling all Public Plant Science Programs: Share Your Impact with Us!

Exploring the Limits of Innovation in Canada’s Plant Breeding Industry

Seed World Canada is calling out to plant breeding programs that are pushing the boundaries of innovation, technology, and creativity in the Canadian seed sector. The Public Sector Plant Science Showcase aims to highlight these programs that have made significant advancements in the industry. If your research program has contributed towards the advancement of seeds, you have an excellent opportunity to be featured in our July issue by submitting a 200-word description of your work.

All qualifying submissions will be recognized, showcasing the diversity of plant science and breeding in Canada. However, the top three winners will be selected based on the novelty of their research, impact on sustainability, and scientific innovation. These winners will be chosen by Seed World Canada’s editorial board.

To qualify for this recognition, your research should introduce new concepts or technologies to the market, differentiate itself from competitors, have a positive impact on the environment, promote sustainable farming practices, and reduce the carbon footprint of the agriculture industry. Additionally, your program should be at the forefront of scientific innovation, developing new plant traits and improving crop yield.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have your research program recognized as a leading contributor to the Canadian seed sector. Submit your entry today for a chance to be featured and celebrated by Seed World Canada!

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