Discover Science and Innovation with MOXI’s Spring Break Programs

MOXI Delivers an A+ Experience with Science and Innovation for Kids on School Break

Discover Science and Innovation with MOXI’s Spring Break Programs

During spring break, the MOXI (The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation) in Santa Barbara offers children a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in science and innovation. Located near the Santa Barbara train station, the museum boasts multiple floors of interactive exhibits that are sure to captivate visitors of all ages.

With various spring break schedules taking place throughout the month of March, it’s a busy time at the museum. To ensure a smooth visit, the staff recommends reserving tickets in advance. Currently, there is a spring break camp involving 16 children who are learning about songs, music, and even forming their own band.

As summer approaches, interest in MOXI’s educational programs continues to grow. Inside the museum, kids are engaged in activities like racing hand-made cars, creating Lego designs, and measuring their jumps using video images. A captivating exhibit called Shadow Play, featuring lights and images, will be on display at MOXI until the end of May.

For more information on what’s happening at MOXI during spring break and beyond, check back later today for updates and photos from the museum.

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