Bold New Action Plan Promotes Responsible Business Conduct in the United States

National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct Unveiled by State Department

Bold New Action Plan Promotes Responsible Business Conduct in the United States

The U.S. government has recently announced its 2024 National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct, which showcases its commitment to promoting green energy, human rights, countering corruption, technology usage, protecting human rights defenders, and advancing gender equality. This plan has four main focus areas, including the creation of a federal advisory committee on responsible business conduct, enhancing respect for human rights in federal procurement policies, improving access to remedy, and providing resources to businesses.

The first priority focus area involves the State Department collaborating with the private sector, academia, civil society, and other stakeholders through the advisory committee to strengthen responsible business conduct. This will involve working with businesses to develop best practices and guidelines for responsible conduct.

The second focus area involves the Department of Defense reviewing the possibility of requiring or encouraging membership in the International Code of Conduct Association for Private Security Providers’ Association for vendors. This will help ensure that private security providers adhere to international standards and ethical practices.

Additionally, the plan emphasizes the importance of businesses conducting human rights due diligence across their value chains following international standards. By implementing these priorities and strategies outlined in the plan, the U.S. government aims to promote responsible business conduct and uphold ethical practices within the business sector.

Overall, this action plan is a significant step forward in promoting responsible business conduct and ensuring that companies operate ethically within our society.

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