Biden and Sanders Unite to Tackle Healthcare Costs in Historic White House Event

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders unite to push for more affordable healthcare expenses

Biden and Sanders Unite to Tackle Healthcare Costs in Historic White House Event

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders came together to promote the administration’s efforts to reduce healthcare costs. The event took place at the Indian Treaty Room at the White House, where Biden acknowledged the long-standing fight that he and Sanders have had for 25 years.

The two politicians discussed their efforts to pressure major inhaler manufacturers to limit the cost of inhalers to no more than $35 a month. Currently, without insurance, the purchase price of inhalers ranges from $200 to $600, which they aim to reduce significantly. Sanders expressed his gratitude towards President Biden for his actions on this issue and expressed optimism about their future collaboration in tackling healthcare costs.

During the event, Biden also expressed satisfaction that Big Pharma had finally been defeated thanks to the Democrats’ sweeping climate, health care, and tax package that he signed into law in 2022. This law caps the maximum health care costs for those on Medicare, including $35 a month for insulin and $2,000 a year for prescription drugs. No Republican lawmakers voted for this law, but Biden’s aides and Democratic officials are confident that his achievements in lowering health care costs will resonate with the public even though he has not yet received the credit he deserves from voters.

Sanders is an independent from Vermont who ran against Biden during the Democratic presidential primary in 2020. After Sanders ended his bid, his aides collaborated with Biden campaign officials to develop a party policy platform that reflected Sanders’ influence. The event showcased their continued partnership in advancing healthcare initiatives that benefit American people.

Overall, both politicians were committed to reducing healthcare costs and improving access to affordable medicine for all Americans. Their partnership was an important step towards creating a more equitable healthcare system for everyone.

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